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Comprehensive Freight Consultancy
  • If you would allow us take a look and study your present transportation management, we can provide you better alternatives in terms of lead-time improvement and cost savings.

  • ATR-H&T will be willing to explain terms and procedures in details, if you need.
Door to Door Delivery
  • ATR-H&T 's "one-stop shop" service:

    • Export - We will pick-up cargoes from your doorstep and deliver to your overseas buyers.

    • Import - We will pick-up cargoes from your overseas shipper's and deliver to your doorstep.

  • Upon your given data and request, we can outline the routing of your cargo from point of origin to destination, deciding on the best mode of transport to use and advising you the fastest lead time.

  • We will furnish you all cost that you will incur from your doorstep to your overseas buyers or from your overseas shippers door to your own doorsteps.
Sea Freight Forwarding
  • For your movement of cargo by SEA to and from the Philippines or to and from any part of the world, H&T provide Full Container Load(FGL), Less Container Load(LCL) and bulk cargo services.

  • H&T can provide rates, schedules, and transit time for sea cargoes from various shipping lines.
Air Freight Forwarding
  • If you want to fly your cargo, ATR can manage air-shipping as well. ATR will arrange the suitable schedule with the best rate from different airlines, import or export.
Forwarding Added Services
  • Base on Client's data and request, ATR-H&T can easily give our quotation for on CIF; EX-Works; FOB, FCA and other INCO terms used for both Import and Export.

  • We can tract and update cargo movement and status by means of close cargo monitoring with our ready international agent counterparts around the globe and reliable carrier partners

  • We can also act as a communication bridge between the consignees and shippers

  • We can also work smoothly with client in house and designated brokers

  • We also handle personal effects and other non-traditional and project cargoes on case to case basis

  • We also guaranty fast stripping schedules and regulated warehouse changes for our consolidation cargoes
Buyer's Consolidation
  • We do special client consolidations from port of origin thereby eliminating excessive clearance charges for the benefit of our clients. By closely monitoring and communicating with you suppliers abroad we can plan date of cargo pick-up and or delivery from your multiple suppliers warehouse to our designated consolidation area.
Break Bulk Agent
  • We also act as break bulk agent on both sea and air freight shipments for both ultimate consignees and fellow freight forwarders
  • Non-Vessel Operating Cargo Consolidators
Customer Clearance/Customs Brokerage
  • As per data received our brokerage clearance team can immediately classify and get tariff rates and compute duties, taxes and other charges at the lowest possible computation

  • Our brokerage team can give advises regarding import regulations

  • We can secure and process government permit in behalf of importer

  • Guaranteed fast entry preparation and submission via our EDI facilities(Electronic Data Interchange)

  • With enough manpower to do messengerial task within Metro Manila to pick up and collect documents pertaining to clearance for client convenience

  • Guaranteed 1-2 day delivery lead-time for Warehousing Entries and 1-3 days lead-time for Consumption Entries

  • Continuous monitoring and job status reporting to consignees up to delivery of cargoes

  • Faster billing issuance

  • Fast coordination with appropriate government and private entities to facilities immediate documentation and cargo processing upon receipt of shipper specification and instructions

  • Immediate preparation of Export Declaration and other related export documentation requirements such as Certificate of Origin Certificate of Inspection and Loading, Embassy Certification, etc

  • Continuous cargo movement monitoring and under-guarding up to port of departure for loading

  • Fast issuance of export documentation copies and billing to shippers
Handling of Customs Related Concern
  • Tax Credit

  • Drawback

  • Tentative Release shipments

  • Other
  • We can arrange cargo insurance coverage with a trusted surely company or broker

  • We can coordinate insurance coverage of your cargo with your nominated insurance company or broker
  • We have good relationship and client friendly rates arranged with a warehouse operator in Manila
Comprehensive Freight Consultant
SEA Freight Forwarding
AIR Freight Forwarding
Import/Export Consolidator
Break Bulk Agent
Warehouse to Warehouse delivery
Customs Clearance/Brokerage
Tariff Consultant
Buyer's Consolidator
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